Our resources section includes financial calculators to help guide you with your financial planning activities. Please remember that these calculators use approximations for hypothetical and illustrative purposes only, and are not meant to replace professional investment advice.

There are many variables to consider when analyzing one's finances, not all of which can be captured within these tools. We can not and do not guarantee their applicability or accuracy in regards to your individual circumstances.

Retirement Calculators

Tools to help you plan and allocate your assets for retirement.

401(k) Rollover

Spend it or save it calculator — There are several ways to manage your 401(k) when you leave an employer. Making the wrong decision can cost you thousands of dollars both in taxes and lost earnings.

72(t) Distributions

The IRS Rule 72(t) allows for penalty free, early withdrawals from retirement accounts. Use this calculator to determine your allowable 72(t) Distribution and how it can help fund your early retirement.


This calculator is designed to examine the effects of 72(t) distributions on your retirement plan balance.

Required Minimum Distribution

Use this calculator to determine your Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) as a beneficiary of a retirement account.

Life Insurance Needs

This provides an estimate of life insurance needs given the untimely death of a breadwinner or stay-at-home parent.

Periodic Withdrawals

This calculates the regular withdrawals you can make from a lump sum. It is useful for retirement income planning.

Retirement Planner

Quickly determine if your retirement plan is on track - and learn how to keep it there.

Retirement Shortfall

Running out of your retirement savings too soon is one of the biggest risks to a comfortable retirement. Use this calculator to find a potential shortfall in your current retirement savings plan.

Roth vs. Traditional

Use this calculator to determine which IRA may be right for you.

Savings Calculators

Tools to help you plan your savings goals over time.

College Tuition Planner

This projects college costs and any savings gap for up to 5 children.

Cost of Waiting

Waiting to begin your savings plan can have a huge impact on your results. This calculator helps show you how much postponing your savings plan can really cost.

Savings, Taxes, and Inflation

Use this calculator to determine how much your savings will be worth with these two important variables in mind.

Savings Goals Calculator

Find out how consistent investments over a number of years can be an effective strategy to accumulate wealth.

Savings Goal Planner

This helps you plan your savings in anticipation of a major goal such as buying a home, getting married, retirement, etc.

Investment Calculators

Tools to help you determine present/future value, accumulation and asset allocation.

Asset Allocator

Your age, ability to tolerate risk and several other factors are used to calculate a desirable mix of stocks, bonds and cash.

Future Value of Payments

This projects the future value of annual contributions by varying interest rates, length of years and when the contribution is made.

Investment Returns

There is more to investing than knowing your annual rate of return. Use this calculator to help you see how inflation, taxes and your time horizon can impact your bottom line.

Present Value/Future Value

This flexible financial tool helps you project forward to a future value of an investment; or backwards to a starting investment required to meet a future goal amount.

Tax-Deferred Accumulation

This projects how a tax-deferred investment can grow in comparison to an investment taxed as earnings are received.

Other Calculators

Tools to help you calculate amortization, valuation, estate tax and others.


This helps you determine the payment needed to repay a loan, such as a home mortgage or car note, using different input assumptions.

Basic Calculator

This works just like a pocket calculator.

Business Valuation

This provides 4 alternate valuations of your business in the event of a sale.

Installment Sale

This projects the interest, principal and earnings required to support an installment sale at varying input amounts. It is useful for both buyers and sellers.

Quick Estate

This provides a quick estimate of Federal taxes due on your estate given different inputs.

Third-Party Calculators

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